At Shriro, we are committed to sustainable development.

Our goals are to grow sustainably, adhering to social, environmental, and economic principles.

Governance Principles
Transparency Accountability Engagement Partnerships

Shriro is committed to effective corporate governance to ensure accountability and transparency to shareholders and other stakeholders, including customers, employees, staff and regulatory bodies.

Our social commitment is to our shareholders and stakeholders and we seek to engage in partnership towards sustainable outcomes.

Shriro is committed to reducing environmental impact through maintaining stewardship for products and day to day business activities.

Shriro Australia engaged in 2018 participation as a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). We are dedicated to our commitments and obligations and are actively working to achieve out sustainable packaging goals as set out in our APCO Action Plan.

Shriro Australia is re-thinking waste as a resource and collaborating with our value chain to keep packaging material out of landfill and maximise the circular value of the materials, energy and labour. We continue to challenge ourselves and improve packaging material avoidance, re-use, and recyclability.

Annual Report & Action Plan

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