Date Headline PDF
19/12/2023Return of Capital Updatedownload
19/12/2023Return of Capital - SHMdownload
18/12/2023Cancel - Return of Capital - SHMdownload
15/12/2023Capital Reduction Updatedownload
30/11/2023Notification regarding unquoted securities - SHMdownload
26/10/2023Results of Annual General Meetingdownload
26/10/2023AGM Chair's Address and CEO Presentationdownload
22/09/2023Return of Capital - SHMdownload
22/09/2023Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Formdownload
24/08/2023Appendix 4G - Key to Disclosuresdownload
24/08/2023Corporate Governance Statementdownload
24/08/2023Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
24/08/2023Investor Presentationdownload
24/08/2023Results Announcementdownload
24/08/2023Appendix 4E & Annual Report 2023download
25/07/2023Profit Guidance
09/05/2023Application for quotation of securities - SHMdownload
04/05/2023Appendix 3Gdownload
24/04/2023Shriro Updatedownload
12/04/2023Shriro to represent American Standard and Grohe in NZdownload
31/03/2023Omega Sale in Australiadownload
23/03/2023Kitchen Appliances Exit (AU)download
03/03/2023Change of Director's Interest Notice - T Hargreavesdownload
03/03/2023Notification regarding unquoted securities - SHMdownload
02/03/2023Director's Interest Noticesdownload
02/03/2023Update - Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
02/03/2023Amendment to Interim Dividend Payment Datedownload
02/03/2023Notification of cessation of securities - SHMdownload
23/02/2023Appendix 4D and 2023 Half Year Financial Statements download
23/02/2023Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
23/02/20232023 Half Year Results Presentation download
23/02/20232023 Half Year Markets Release download
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