Date Headline PDF
15/12/2022Change of Company Secretarydownload
30/11/2022Notification regarding unquoted securities - SHMdownload
18/11/2022Resignation & Appointment of Auditordownload
18/11/2022Amended Constitutiondownload
18/11/2022Results of Annual General Meetingdownload
18/11/2022AGM Chairman's Address and CEO Presentationdownload
14/10/2022Notice of Annual General Meeting download
14/10/20222022 Annual Report download
21/09/2022Date of Annual General Meeting download
20/09/2022Shareholder Meeting Communications download
29/08/2022Appendix 4G - Key to Disclosures download
29/08/2022Corporate Governance Statement download
29/08/2022Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
29/08/2022Investor Presentation download
29/08/2022Results Announcement download
29/08/2022Preliminary Final Report download
26/07/2022Notification regarding unquoted securities - SHMdownload
25/05/2022Initial Director's Interest Notice - John Murphy 
25/05/2022Final Director's Interest Notice - Kim Slater 
23/05/2022Board Composition Update download
20/05/2022Change in substantial holding download
19/05/2022Trading Updatedownload
04/05/2022Board Composition Update and Company Secretary Appointmentdownload
04/05/2022EGM Notice of Meetingdownload
22/04/2022Date of Extraordinary General Meetingdownload
19/04/2022Director Appointment/Resignationdownload
31/03/2022Becoming a substantial holderdownload
23/03/2022Appendix 3Z - Cheryl Haymandownload
23/03/2022Shane Booth appointed Company Secretarydownload
22/03/2022Cheryl Hayman resigns from the Boarddownload
18/03/2022Appendix 3Gdownload
18/03/2022Change of Director's Interest Notice - T Hargreavesdownload
18/03/2022Chairman Transitiondownload
17/03/2022Notification regarding unquoted securities - SHMdownload
09/03/2022Application for quotation of securities - SHMdownload
04/03/2022Change of Director's Interest Notice - K Slaterdownload
28/02/2022Appendix 4D and 2022 Half Year Financial Statementsdownload
28/02/20222022 Half Year Results Presentationdownload
28/02/2022Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
28/02/20222022 Half Year Results Market Releasedownload
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