Date Headline PDF
23/12/2021Change of Director's Interest Notice - T Hargreaves download
23/12/2021Notification regarding unquoted securities download
22/12/2021Revised Securities Dealing Policy download
15/12/2021Results of Annual General Meeting download
15/12/2021AGM Chairman's Address and CEO Presentation download
12/11/2021JobKeeper Payments Notificationdownload
12/11/2021Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Formdownload
05/11/2021Final Director's Interest Notice - S Heathdownload
01/11/2021Appendix 4G - Key to Disclosuresdownload
31/10/2021Annual Report to shareholdersdownload
11/10/2021Shriro announces Cornelia Meyer as new Chair on the retirement of Stephen Heathdownload
07/10/2021Details of AGMdownload
01/10/2021Initial Director's Interest Notice – K Slaterdownload
01/10/2021Shriro appoints Kim Slater as Independent Directordownload
13/09/2021Initial Director's Interest Notice - C Meyerdownload
13/09/2021Shriro appoints Cornelia Meyer as independent directordownload
01/09/2021Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
01/09/2021Investor Presentationdownload
01/09/2021Results Announcementdownload
01/09/2021Preliminary Final Reportdownload
16/07/2021Cyber Security Incidentdownload
12/07/2021Stephen Heath to retire as chairdownload
11/06/2021AGM Chairman's Address and CEO's Presentationdownload
24/05/2021Results of Meetingdownload
07/05/2021Ceasing to be a substantial holderdownload
07/05/2021Details of Company Addressdownload
07/05/2021Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Formdownload
07/05/2021Annual Reportdownload
07/05/2021Corporate Governance Statement & Appendix 4Gdownload
Dividend/Distribution - SHM
Investor Presentation
Full Year Results 2020
09/03/2021Full Year Statutory Accounts - with Appendix 4Edownload
09/03/2021Final Director's Interest Notice - V Fungdownload
09/03/2021Ceasing to be a substantial holderdownload
09/03/2021Resignation of Non-Executive Director Vasco Fungdownload
09/03/2021Trading Updatedownload
09/03/2021Company Secretary Appointment/Resignationdownload
Form 603 Notice of Initial Substantial Holder
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