Date Headline PDF
24/12/2020Change in Substantial Holding - Shriro Pacificdownload
23/12/2020Shriro Pacific Limited Communicationdownload
10/12/2020Trading Update and Outlookdownload
26/10/2020Trading Updatedownload
27/08/2020Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
27/08/2020Half Year Statutory Accounts - with Appendix 4Ddownload
27/08/2020Half Year Results 2020download
27/08/2020Investor Presentationdownload
27/08/2020Change of Financial Year Enddownload
16/06/2020Appendix 3Xdownload
Director Appointment - Abigail Cheadle
28/05/2020Results of Meetingdownload
28/05/2020Chairman's Address to Shareholders and CEO Presentationdownload
12/05/2020Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
24/04/2020 Annual Report 2019download
24/04/2020Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Formdownload
27/02/2020Full Year Statutory Accounts - with Appendix 4Edownload
27/02/2020Full Year Results 2019download
27/02/2020Chairman Transitiondownload
27/02/2020Appendix 3Zdownload
27/02/2020Dividend/Distribution - SHMdownload
27/02/2020Investor Presentationdownload
20/02/2020SHM Market Updatedownload
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