Shriro Australia Pty. Ltd.

Shriro was founded in 1906 by the grandfather of our present Chairman, Mark Shriro, as a family business in Harbin, Northern China, trading furs and leathers for distribution worldwide. The first international office was established in 1917 in Yokohama, Japan. From early days our business was mainly commodities and expanded rapidly after 1945 as our product line grew and subsidiaries opened in many South East Asian countries and Canada.


Today, Shriro is still a privately owned company based in Hong Kong since 1949, it has offices and subsidiaries based in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, and is now a truly international marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail company with over 3,500 employees around the world with a turnover exceeding half a billion dollars.


Shriro Australia Pty Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Shriro Pacific, is a leading manufacturer, marketing and distributor of consumer products throughout Australasia.


Shriro Australia is renowned for its association with the Casio brand in Australia having distributed various Casio lines including timepiece and calculators since the early 1980's. Its marketing drive behind Casio's Baby-G and G-Shock has propelled Casio to a leading digital timepiece brand in Australia. Its innovative marketing strategies have also placed Casio as the #1 supplier of keyboards and school calculators in Australia.


Adding variety to the brand portfolio, Shriro Australia distributes Earhugger headphones and a range of GPS devices, tablet PC’s and phones through the Binatone brand.


Building on its sound distribution business foundation, Shriro Australia Pty. Ltd. diversified its business base in 2001 with an acquisition of an "Everdure" branded gas heater and barbeque manufacturer in Perth. Not only did it expand the Everdure barbeque and heater range but it also extended the Everdure brand into ceramic heaters and cooking appliances and its marketing strategies successfully established a prominent place in the Australian market for the "Everdure" brand.


Monaco Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of Shriro Australia Pty Ltd, established in 1978 as an importer and leading distributor of Casio and Pioneer products. Monaco has now grown to be the leading marketing and distribution company in New Zealand, representing an extensive range of international brands in the consumer and business electronics, entertainment and high technology markets. The success is brought by a strong team based in North Harbour, Auckland, who provides an all-round service to support sales agents and customers nationwide.


In a move of rapid expansion Shriro Australia acquired Hagemeyer Brands Australia in 2011, which as a result has strengthened the group to contain leading home appliance brands such as Omega, Blanco cooking appliances along with Omega Altise seasonal products. In 2013, Monaco Corporation, the New Zealand subsidiary of Shriro Australia announces the acquisition of Robinhood Appliances. This acquisition combined with the already strong presence has positioned Shriro Australia to be the leading supplier of desirable home appliance and lifestyle brands in Australasia.


Michael Westrup
Chief Executive Officer

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